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Outdoor Media

During our first decade and into the 2010’s, we created household names of the Decra and Gerard brands by utilising a mix of marketing methods and media.

One of the strongest channels for communicating our brand values was outdoor media. This choice of media elevated the Decra and Gerard brands into a category of products which were prestigious, high quality and with a strong heritage.

At the time, the only other brands using billboards to advertise were banks and mobile telephone networks – big trusted companies.

TV Advertising

As our brands have grown, our use of the marketing mix has adapted. Now, it is not uncommon to hear commercials for our brands on radio and see our adverts on television. With our distribution partners, we have found relationships with radio broadcasters, often sponsoring their shows or events. On televisions we appear regularly on both national and international channels and have held running slots on CNN for over seven years.

Vehicle Liveries

With the cost of billboards high in some of our countries, and supply not always reliable, we encourage our Distributors to utilise their vehicle fleet as “mobile billboards” to promote the brands. The costs of doing this is far less than a static billboard and the exposure the brands receive is far more with each vehicle covering tens of thousands of miles a year.  


Our sales teams and installers are the human face of our brands so it’s important that they reflect the brand values of our products by appearing smart and professional. As trust is a huge part of brand success in our markets, turning out in smart branded teamwear separates our people from those of competitor brands. We have developed teamwear for all of our brands for both sales and installation teams.

Promotional Items

Branded promotional products have been a useful method of spreading brand awareness and establishing the positioning of our brands. Our calendars are now an anticipated gift and, depending on the market, other items have included diaries, car sun shades, keyrings, golf ball packs notebooks, pens, anti mosquito wrist bands, tape measures, USBs, desk pads and travel mugs.

Product Brochures and Guides

Often, manufacturer literature is designed for the UK or European market. Much of the content, or the way it is presented, wouldn’t aid sales in our markets and could in fact be detrimental.

When launching a new product to our markets, our first action is to fully understand the product, deconstruct its selling points, and then reconstruct them in a way that is relevant and understandable to our customer base.

We present the product to our markets in a way that satisfies the product, manufacture and the customer. Depending on the market, they are then translated into French, Portuguese, Swahili, Amharic, or Arabic.


Our Distributors showrooms are our opportunity to speak to the customer directly to present our products in a way that reflects their brand values and positioning.

Our showroom designs are bespoke to each distributor, taking into account their own brand, their market and the space available, and are designed to create a buying atmosphere where the customer feels comfortable, exclusive and informed.

FlowPlumb Showroom, Kenya

In 2020, our roof tile Distributor in Kenya decided to expand their product portfolio by representing our FlowPlumb range of plumbing and drainage products.

They designated the second floor of their showroom in Nairobi for FlowPlumb, and ASL designed, printed and built the showroom in early 2020 to coincide with sales team product training and a launch event at the residency of the British High Commissioner.

This showroom is our flagship FlowPlumb showroom and the model of all future displays.

Metrotile Showroom, South Africa

We have worked very closely with our Metrotile distributor in Johannesburg to develop sales team product knowledge, market Metrotile to their customers in a way that appeals to their unique market requirements, and design a new showroom. This was a collaborative effort, with the design being handled by ASL in the UK while printing and construction was managed by the Distributor.

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We offer specific services based around what our distributors need to be successful. From brand marketing to logistics and training, we provide services that support our manufacturing partners and local distributors in Africa and the Middle East.

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