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African Supplies Ltd. was created in 2000 to market the Decra and Gerard brands of stone coated roofing tiles in Africa.

ASL established the largest international market for the brands – which have gone on to become market leaders and household names in many of the countries in which we operate.

In 2019, Roof Tile Group was established by the merging of AHI (manufacturers of Decra and Gerard) and Metrotile Roofing Systems and a new company, Roof TG Africa Middle East was created as a joint venture between ASL and Roof Tile Group.

Today, this company, which is wholly operated by ASL, markets a stable of the market leading roofing brands throughout Africa and the Middle East.

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Decra is the most recognised roof tile brand in our markets, and has the widest distribution. It is the original stone coated roofing tile. ASL has been directly responsible for several brand developments.


Decra is often chosen for hotel roofs due to it’s minimal maintenance, fire resistance and colour that doesn’t change. The quality of Decra is chosen to reflect the quality of the hotels brand.


Decra is the number one choice for coastal locations and is proven in this environment. With certification for withstanding hurricane winds and a 50 year warranty against corrosion, we’re able to market Decra in places where other roof tiles can’t offer the customer the same level of protection.


Brookhouse school in Nairobi, Kenya is a premium private international school. When the school built it’s incredible current campus in the suburb of Karen, the design was inspired by the castles of fairy tales. We’re proud that we were able to supply Decra to such an inspiring building.


In our markets, Decra has become the aspirational brand in roofing due to the quality of the product and the effectiveness of our marketing. The best homes have Decra roofs.

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Exclusive to our Nigerian market, Gerard is a household name. For many years, we sold more Gerard roof tiles than all the other brands put together!  

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Metrotile is a long established brand in Africa and the Middle East, with high recognition and a reputation for quality.


Commercial Properties

Converting Thatch to Metrotile due to fire resistance

Fortiza logo

ASL developed the Fortiza product with the factory in New Zealand and our Core Distributors to provide a solution for the Developer market which requires a quality product at a price point that makes it economically viable.

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Utilising the latest Powder Coating technology, X-Bond is the leading non-stone coated metal roof tile available. 

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