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For over two decades African Supplies Ltd has achieved a success in Africa that has eluded many businesses. We have earned this with a culture of developing relationships and trust with our partners, respecting their cultures and complimenting their working practices.

Over time, our brand values developed naturally and are now at the core of everything we do; every task, every process, every system…


Africa outline


Africa outline


Africa outline


Brand Partners

Initially founded in 2000, African Supplies Ltd was established to bring Decra and Gerard Roofing brands to markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.


African Supplies Ltd established to market Decra and Gerard Roofing Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.


After identifying a gap in the market for quality plumbing systems, ASL brings IPS to West Africa. Manufactured in Argentina with a long heritage, IPS remains the best quality PPR plumbing system on the market and enjoys a market leadership position in several markets.


To compliment the roof tile offer, ASL begins to market rainwater guttering systems manufactured by SouthPro in South Africa.


As the rainwater guttering business proves successful, we compliment the SouthPro range with a range manufactured in the UK by Hunter Plastics (part of Aliaxis Group). For the first time, we can offer a range of guttering in three different sizes, four profiles and four colours.  


ASL leads the development of Fortiza Roofing Systems; a roofing tile aimed at the growing “Developer” market.


With the market demanding a plumbing system with the quality of IPS but quicker and easier to use, we partner with Polypipe Plc to market Polyfit push-fit plumbing in Africa. 


ASL supply the first shipment of ABS by Durapipe for a hotel air conditioning system in Ethiopia. The product proves a great success.


After success with Hunter Plastics we begin to explore product extensions for our largest market, Nigeria, introducing Hunters drainage products and Multikwik waste innovations.  


A new opportunity arises to market electric water heaters in Nigeria under the distributors own brand “Wichtech”. The chosen manufacturing partner is Italian firm Ferroli.


Following success in Nigeria, we continue to build our relationship with Ferroli, expanding into Tanzania (and later Kenya) under our own FlowPlumb brand.


Metrotile Roofing Systems joins forces with Decra, Gerard and Fortiza under the new umbrella company Roof TG. ASL begins marketing Metrotile in Africa and the Middle East as well as the Decra brand in the Middle East.


The water heater business goes from strength to strength and in 2020 we add Jordan and Gabon to the distribution list, marketing the products under Ferroli’s brand name Lamborghini.

In the same year, we begin to market rainwater guttering systems though our Metrotile distributor network. Having a strong relationship with Aliaxis, we bring their Marley brand to our network.


Further consolidation in manufacturing adds the Tilcor business to Roof TG. ASL now markets all major brands of stone coated roofing tiles in Africa and the Middle East.


ASL partners with Neutrarust, a UK company and pioneer of rust converter Neutrarust 611, to bring their products to market in Africa.

Market Development

Initially founded in 2000, African Supplies Ltd was established to bring Decra and Gerard Roofing brands to markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

2000 – Tanzania & Uganda
2001 – Gambia, Ghana, Kenya
2002 – Eritrea, Burkina Faso
2003 – Sierra Leone
2004 – Ethiopia, Nigeria
2005 – Zambia
2006 – Rwanda, South Africa
2007 – Liberia, Somalia
2008 – Cape Verde, Gabon, Sudan
2009 – Angola
2010 – Malawi
2011 – Djibouti

2012 – Cameroon
2013 – Mozambique, Mauritius
2014 – Ivory Coast
2015 – Senegal
2016 – Benin
2017 – Seychelles
2018 – South Sudan
2019 – Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Mali
2020 – Turkey, UAE,
2021 – Lebanon, Saudi Arabia
2022 – Bahrain

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That’s nearly enough to circle the earth – twice!

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Enough to stretch from Lagos, Nigeria to Lusaka, Zambia

Africa outline


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Throughout Africa and the Middle East

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