Water Management

Water Management

With the roofing business established and achieving record growth, we turned our attention to range extensions to capitalize on our distributor network.

Rainwater guttering was a natural addition to roofing tiles, and so we established the markets in Africa for South Pro Gutters (South Africa) and Hunter Plastics (UK).

Since then, we have sought to offer a full range of reliable plumbing and drainage brands from the worlds highest quality brands, supplying a gap in the market for quality plumbing and drainage.

To date, we have partnered with manufacturers from Argentina (IPS PPR systems), the UK (Aliaxis and Polypipe Plc), South Africa (South Pro), Italy/China (Ferroli electric water heaters) and Greece (solar water heaters).

We represent these brands through our distributor network to add value to the manufacturer and final consumer by achieving market penetration and growth that a manufacture would find difficult to achieve on its own.

For certain markets, where it would be difficult to protect our distribution partners from grey imports, we have created our own FlowPlumb brand to offer exclusivity and quality.

Rainwater Guttering

Our Range of rainwater guttering offers more choice than any one else – choice of sizes, profile and colours.

Plumbing Systems

We offer technically advanced plumbing systems manufactured from PPR, PPH and PB. In each case, they are the market leading products and unmatched in quality. We have gained market leadership in our markets with these products due to the propensity of nearly all other systems to leak. We market these ranges in English, Portuguese and Swahili.


Our Drainage systems are manufactured in the UK by our partners Aliaxis and Polypipe – the most successful manufactures in Europe. The range is extensive and covers waste, soil and underground drainage, acoustic drainage, Inspection chambers, civils, and specialist systems for land drainage.

Electric Water Heaters

Since 2016 we have partnered with Ferroli of Italy to market their electric water heaters under the FlowPlumb, Wichtech and Lamborghini brands. The water heaters have several unique features which we believe make them market leaders for value and performance.


ABS is an ideal substitute for steel in the distribution of chilled water for air conditioning systems. Being lighter and cheaper than steel, it’s the obvious choice for any large building.


Vulcathene is a well known, trusted and unique drainage system for disposal of chemicals. It is particularly suited to use in hospitals and laboratories, and is also found in hotel laundries.

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