Training & Development

Training & Development

ASL is committed to supporting the development and skills of the communities in which we work.

Sales Training

As the human face of the brands that they sell, our local partners’ Sales Teams are regularly updated by ASL personnel or hired coaching professionals.

Our three module training program aims to equip our sales personnel with improved sales skills and latest product knowledge, helping to maintain our competitive advantage.

Product Training

Superior product knowledge is often sighted as the defining factor which separates our Sales Teams from those of our competitors.

We work hard with our Distributors to maintain a high level of product knowledge within their teams so that customers receive the highest level of service available.

Installation Training

Installation teams also receive regular training, ensuring that products perform as intended and customer expectations are met or exceeded.

In two of our markets, our Distribution Partners have taken this a step further by establishing full time installation training programs which we are proud to support.

Team Building

As part of our development program, we encourage the sales teams to put brand and sales before personal rivalries.

Team Building plays a crucial part in adjusting the mindset of the individual to put team first, support each other and act as one.

Participating in some team building activities also breaks the ice and creates an environment for learning and developing, making sales and product training more receptive.

Ongoing Training

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3 module training course

has re-shaped our sales teams throughout Africa

Hundreds of sales professionals have benefitted from our training

Roof tiles from ASL


1,000 roof installers

have passed through our formal training program

In Africa and the Middle East

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Training for

20+ products

given to sales teams and installers

Throughout our regions

Our Services

We offer specific services based around what our distributors need to be successful. From brand marketing to logistics and training, we provide services that support our manufacturing partners and local distributors in Africa and the Middle East.

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Brand Marketing

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Logistics & Distribution

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Training & Development

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