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Decra® Installation Training in Uganda

Decra® Installation Training in Uganda

ASL Managing Director, Joe Collins, was in Uganda last week to support exclusive Decra® Distributor for that country; Depo, with Installer Training. Ugandan Decra® installers are among the best and are well used to installing the worlds original stone coated metal roof tiles, so this training module focused more on local issues and individual challenges with unique roof designs. The installers received a background presentation on Decra® – the history and capability of the company, the difference between Decra® tiles and copies, and how the tiles are made. “The more our installers understand the materials they’re working with, the better they are at using them” commented Joe. Proceeding with a practical interactive demonstration of actual installation, the Installers then used Joes’ knowledge of the product and global installations methods to create solutions to local installation challenges in order to give Decra® customers the best possible roof.

As market leaders, we invest heavily in training our installers to provide customers with the highest levels of service. Our formal training program includes a three tier module which not only aims to increase skill sets, but empower local installers to develop from general “fundi’s” into expert craftsmen.

All of our installation training video’s can be viewed here. For more information on Decra please visit or

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