ASL Management team visit Kenyan Distributor Space & Style Ltd.

ASL Management team visit Kenyan Distributor Space & Style Ltd.

Exclusive Decra® and FlowPlumb Distributor for Kenya, Space & Style Ltd received African Supplies Managing and Marketing Directors this week. Accompanying them was FlowPlumb supplier Doug Rose from Hunter Plastics. The UK team conducted product, self-management and customer care training with the S&S team, and discussed opportunities for the brands with senior management.

Decra® remains the original and most trusted brand in Kenya for stone coated metal roofing and Space & Style have earned a unique position in the market, being well respected owing to their superior product quality, customer service and ability to supply projects large and small.

Meanwhile, an exciting future is planned for FlowPlumb with Space and Styles customers showing a huge level of interest in the whole range.

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